Confidence is safety, convenience and ambiance.

lighting 300x200 - LightingWhether safety is your main concern or simply convenience for a busy lifestyle, automated lighting with a TEQHoM INTERACTIVE system will give you full control of your home in the personalized way you’ve always wanted.

The possibilities are endless with automated lighting and our system is easy to install with no construction hassles. We simply replace your current light switches with programmed buttons and/or a control panel. You select the color and finish of your panel to create a seamless look in every room. Plus, each programmed button is back-lit and engraved with its specific function eliminating the need to guess which switch does what.

Want a setting changed after installation? No worries. You can access all settings from your enabled smart device or computer for hassle-free adjustments and changes anytime. You can also call your QEI Security & Technology technician and ask questions or request new programming.

Don’t forget to add climate control, security and home entertainment to your TEQHoM INTERACTIVE home automation system.

Check out some of our projects for inspiration.

Automated Lighting Ideas

  • Program a panic button in the bedroom that turns on and flashes your home’s lights.
  • Add a cooking button in the kitchen to brighten and adjust your stovetop lighting.
  • Use motion sensors to automatically light outdoor pathways, indoor hallways and entryways, and your late-night route to the baby’s nursery.
  • Program an energy setting to reduce usage when you’re out of the house.
  • Use a goodnight button from your bedroom to turn out all the lights, lock the doors and arm the security system.
  • Set your TV remote to dim the lights automatically when the TV is powered on to create the optimal viewing environment. Then when pause or stop is pressed, program the lights to come back on.