Energy Efficiency

Confidence is knowing you’re making a difference.

energyefficiency 300x239 - Energy EfficiencyA TEQHoM INTERACTIVE control system can save you money every month by making your home more energy efficient. Easily control your temperature, lighting, shades and home automation using a “green” approach – to save money and energy.

With an eye on sustainability, QEI Security & Technology technicians properly dispose of packaging and used materials such as wire clippings, plastic/metal clamps, and discarded insulation or sheetrock.

Imagine a hot Charleston day and with a simple touch on your smartphone, you sit in front of the TV as the lights dim, the motorized window shades automatically close, the air conditioner automatically blows cold air through the vents, and your favorite pre-recorded show begins to play on the screen within a few seconds.

That’s green home automation!

Create an ‘away’ setting

  • Set your house to ‘away’ when you leave, even if you’re just out for the day.
  • Program the away button to turn off all lights, raise the temperature a few degrees on a hot day and close the home’s shades to keep cool.
  • Our TEQHoM INTERACTIVE systems can sense the amount of sunlight entering through windows or glass doors and the shades will automatically be lowered/raised or slats will be opened/closed to your preferences.

energy efficiency 300x228 - Energy EfficiencyCreate a ‘green’ setting

  • Program the ‘green’ setting to automatically detect unoccupied rooms and turn off lights and unused appliances to reduce standby power usage and HVAC.
  • Regulate your lighting with automatic on/off programs, auto-dimming for special areas (such as a home theater or child’s room) and much more.
  • Automated climate control saves our customers 10 to 30 percent annually on their electric bill and greatly lessens their overall energy usage.
Tips for being eco-friendly with home automation