Customers Say Security System Ease of Use Is Best Feature

Untitled design15 300x300 - Customers Say Security System Ease of Use Is Best FeatureNearly 80% of QEI Security & Technology customers surveyed say ease of use is what they like most about their security system.

About half of customers said they like the peace of mind the security system provides and 47% said they like the smartphone app the best.

These results come from post-installation surveys that are sent to all customers.

Ease of Use

All QEI Security wireless security systems include a touchscreen control panel, smartphone app and online interface, all of which are very clear and intuitive.

With the touch of a button on the panel, you can arm your security system. From the online interface, you can change user codes and/or access – no more entering long strings of numbers to perform basic functions.

A smart home sounds complicated, but with a QEI Security & Technology system, it is as simple as the touch of a button to turn off lights or close your garage door.

Peace of Mind

A security system obviously provides peace of mind, but many customers choose QEI Security & Technology because we are your neighbors. Who would you rather have watch your home – a neighbor you’ve lived near for years or a complete stranger? QEI Security & Technology has always been a locally-owned, family company based in Charleston, South Carolina.

Parents especially want to know their family is safe, secure and comfortable. The smart home technology that QEI Security & Technology provides helps parents to feel better about leaving their tween at home alone or knowing who is at the door.

Smartphone App

With the QEI Security & Technology smartphone app, you can control your home from anywhere. Plus, the app enables geographic automation and the ability to control multiple devices with just one touch of a button (this is called “scenes”).

With geo-services enabled (this is free with all QEI systems), you can receive a notification when your smartphone leaves your neighborhood and the security system has not been armed – or letting you know you forgot to close the garage door.

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