Why You Want a Connected Home – Not a Smart Home

For more than a year, smart home experts have been talking (ranting) about the connected home and it’s only going to continue – even the new Barbie Hello Dreamhouse is jumping on the trend.

The connected home is when all smart home devices work together – usually through one smartphone app.

It’s what you expect when you hear the term “smart home,” but some of the most talked-about smart home devices stand alone – meaning each requires its own smartphone app and the different devices don’t automatically work together.

Talking about the Barbie Dreamhouse, Wired says, “It’s what a real smart home should be: Straight crushing it with universal voice control instead of a hodgepodge of disparate appliances hogging up app space on your phone.”

QEI Security & Technology only sells connected home systems.

For a lower cost, you can use your security system as the platform. With one app, you can control your security system, video, smart thermostat, light, locks, garage door and more. Plus, the Alarm.com skill is available for Amazon Echo, so much like the Barbie Dreamhouse, you have voice-activated control of your home.

Because they are controlled through one app, the devices can work together. For example, when your security system is armed, your doors can automatically lock. Or when your garage door opens, your foyer light immediately turns on.

For more intricate home automation, we can install a Control4 system. Again, all devices work through through one app. This option allows a wider variety of devices to be programmed and enables more intricate programming.

It really is common sense that all smart home devices would be connected. According to a summer 2016 survey, Alarm.com found that 91 percent of respondents expect that different devices in the home should work together automatically and 88 percent would prefer a single app to control all devices.

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