2G Security Panels Get Free Upgrade

On December 31, 2016, all wireless security panels with 2G technology will stop working overnight. The 2G sunset impacts all devices that operate on the 2G cellular network.

This means that every wireless security panel with a 2G communicator will need to be upgraded to 3G/4G so that the panel can communicate signals to alarm monitoring stations and dispatchers. 2G stands for second generation, so you will be upgrading to the third and fourth generation network.

QEI Security & Technology is offering this upgrade for free to customers.

Less than five percent of QEI Security & Technology customers still have 2G communicators, which were commonly installed prior to 2012. The company will be reaching out to customers with a 2G wireless security panel via phone and email to arrange an evaluation of your system and determine the next steps. QEI representatives will NOT come to your home without an appointment to make this change.

By upgrading your 2G communicator, you will be assured that your alarm service will not be impacted with 2G is discontinued and you will experience a fast alarm response with the upgraded 3G/4G communicator.

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