Next Generation Motion Detector

The image sensor is the next generation of the traditional motion detector. It sends you text notifications about motion-detected activity in your home, with a picture to see what’s happening.

Image Sensor 150In a traditional system, a motion sensor might trigger an alarm and you would have no idea why. With the image sensor, you can get photos.

There are three ways you can set the image sensor to send photos:

  1. Peek in: Get a picture on demand.
  2. Triggered alert: Get a picture when another device is activated – like your system is disarmed or a door is opened.
  3. Motion detected: Get a picture every time motion is detected (this could be an issue if you have active dogs and cats… unless your goal is to see what they’re doing!)
  4. Alarm event: In an intrusion or fire, images are sent automatically, even if power is cut off in the home.

The image sensor runs on batteries and connects wirelessly to your system. It can be installed almost anywhere. Since it includes a camera, the image sensor is included in the video monthly monitoring rate.

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