Why THIS is the Keyless Door Lock You Should Get

Pretty soon, every door lock sold is going to have keyless capabilities. But, not every keyless door lock can also trigger your security system to arm and your garage door to close.

That’s why you want to add a programmable door lock as part of a smart home security system.

Sure, you can go to a home improvement store and buy a keyless lock, but does it offer secure keyless access, user identification and even automated control of other devices around your home? Probably not. And it requires one more app on your phone that only has one purpose.

With your smart home security system, you get everything above on one app that is easy to use.

You can give access to family and trusted visitors, using unique four-digit codes. You can create a code for each of your kids, for your dog walker, or for a contractor who needs access to your house. In the contractor’s case, you can add an expiration date so that the code stops working after the job is complete.

You can also receive alerts that tell you when people unlock the door with their user code. If your kids typically arrive home before you do, you can receive a smartphone alert every day when they unlock the door.

When you lock up in the morning, your smart lock can trigger your security system to arm, your garage door to close, and your lights to turn off. It can even trigger your smart thermostat to set back, saving energy while you’re out.

QEI Security & Technology offers a range of options in programmable door locks from manufacturers like Yale, Schlage and Kwikset. Plus you can choose from brass, nickel or bronze.

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