Hurricanes and Your Security System

When a hurricane or severe storm is approaching, there are a lot of things to worry about. Don’t let your security system be one of them.

Here’s what you need to know about your home security system in case of a hurricane or storm.

Wireless System:

A wireless security system is the best system to have during a major storm. Landline or hard-wired systems depend on your telephone line, so if the telephone connection goes out during the storm, your system will not work, even if you have power. If you have a wireless security system, your system will work as long as you have electricity.

Power Outage:

Power outages are very common during hurricanes and powerful storms. If you have a 2GIG wireless security system, you will receive text alerts when the power in your home goes out and when it comes back on. An estimate of nearby homes without power is also included in these alerts. This can help you determine if food needs to be thrown out or how safe a pet may be.

Battery Backup:

All QEI Security & Technology systems have a battery back-up. If the power goes out, the battery will keep your system running for four to six hours. During this time, the system will report like normal to the monitoring station (including low battery alerts). Once the back-up battery dies, the system is no longer armed or reporting to the monitoring station.

When power comes back on, your security system will return to the most recent setting (disarmed, armed away, armed stay). The battery will beep letting you know it is low, but it will recharge. The battery will be completely recharged within four to eight hours.

Help During a Storm:

If you need help during a storm, and it is an emergency, please call 911.

If you need to reach a QEI Security & Technology technician, please call 843-834-1968. The on-call technician will try to trouble-shoot over the phone or walk you through fixing your system. If a service call is needed, it will be scheduled when the QEI office reopens.

You can reach our CSAA 5-Diamond Monitoring Station at 1-800-438-4171. By calling the monitoring station, you can have your account placed in test mode for up to 24 hours (this will stop persistent beeping).

If you have a wireless security system with a smartphone app, QEI Security & Technology receives alerts if there are any issues with your system. Our technicians will be reviewing these alerts and contacting customers following the storm.

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