Doorbell Camera: Why Ours is Better

Doorbell cameras are all the rage – and for good reason – they combine multiple devices for smarter security.

Before purchasing a doorbell camera, do your research to find the one best suited to your needs.

Doorbell_SILVER_front_WebQEI Security & Technology’s doorbell camera offers many of the same benefits as other models like a 180-degree wide-angle lens, full color night video and a motion sensor. Plus, you can set your camera to record based on an event (door opening), using the motion sensor or by someone actually touching the doorbell.

The biggest benefit of a QEI Security & Technology doorbell camera is that you’re using just one app on your smartphone or tablet to control all of your security and smart home devices.

Still not convinced? Here are four reasons our doorbell camera is better:

1. Interact with the person at the door.

When the QEI Security & Technology camera is triggered (by motion or an event), you receive the video clip on your smartphone.

From the clip, you can use two-way voice to talk with the person at the door or, if you have a smart door lock connected to your security system, you can unlock the door.

Let’s say the pizza delivery guy is at the wrong house. Without getting off the couch, you can let him know that you didn’t order pizza.

2. Lights automatically turn on.

You can set rules on our system to activate lights in your home based on the doorbell camera.

Let’s say you want it to look like you’re home even when you’re not. If you have lighting control, you can set an interior light to turn on when the doorbell camera detects motion, so it looks like someone is coming to the door. That will certainly scare anyone who doesn’t belong on your porch.

3. Cloud-based storage of video clips.

All your video footage is stored off-site. If someone hacks into your camera (highly unlikely) or breaks into your home, they will not be able to access any of your video clips.

4. Do-not-disturb mode.

Do-not-disturb mode turns the chime off your doorbell, but still sends notifications to your phone. You can still use two-way voice to talk with the person on porch and unlock the door, but the doorbell does not wake your sleeping baby.

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