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Why Women Know Home Automation Better Than Men

“If the woman of the house can’t use the home automation, no one can.”

That’s QEI Security & Technology technician Carl Wanamaker’s opinion.

He says most of the time the woman knows more about the home automation system and can use it better than the man in the house. Home automation is the networking of multiple devices (like audio, lights, security, TV) through a control system with the ability to automate the services.

“Men want the big TVs and to hear music throughout the house, but most often, it is the women who actually operate the system on a daily basis,” Wanamaker says.

In many cases, that’s because women are home more than men. They’ve set the automation to their schedule. The doors lock and lights go off at a certain time. They have cartoons programmed for the little ones and they’ve blocked inappropriate music for tweens.

“When there’s a problem in the house and I talk to a woman, she knows what every button should do because she’s using it,” Wanamaker explains. “She can tell me exactly what part of the control system isn’t working. And she’s not afraid to ask questions.”

Wanamaker advises you to ask as many questions as you can when your home automation or control system is installed. Technicians at QEI Security & Technology have an average of 10 years of experience installing these systems – they will be able to answer any questions you have, and they want to make sure you’re using your system.

“If you tell me you’re afraid of messing up your system, I know you’re not using it. I’ll come out and help you – but only if you promise to use it daily.”

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