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Think All Homes Are Wired for HDTV and Internet? Think Again.

In today’s technology-driven society, it seems hard to believe that not all homes are wired for the internet and HDTV. But, only about 50 percent of new homes have these features – cost isn’t the issue – most homeowners just don’t know to ask for them.

The majority of new construction homes still come standard with two phone jacks and three cable outlets.

What about internet? How are you going to connect Apple TV or other devices?

QEI Security & Technology Production Manager Brian Pember has spent the past 25 years ensuring homeowners have the technology they want.

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Pember says you should think about internet connectivity first. Is wireless enough for your home? Will it be enough for future homeowners (think resale value)? If you’re going to be gaming and streaming, you probably want at least one internet access point in each entertainment/TV room.

Next, think about TV. Do you have HD? Will you be using Apple TV or Roku? If the answer is yes to either question, you’ll want an HD prewire, which makes it possible to run the necessary wire for that and any new technologies without cutting the wall. This is also good for resale.

Last, if audio is important to you, consider surround sound or distributed audio. These options vary widely in price, depending on the quality of speakers you select.

Should You Think About Home Technology Before You Build?

Pember says YES!

At least think about it. These options can be added to a $100,000 house just the same as a $1 million house. And, sure, you can always decide to add these features after you move in, but it is often easier and less expensive to add when the home is under construction.

“I advise homeowners to plan ahead,” Pember explains. “Whether your house is in planning or being framed, think about where you’ll be streaming movies, where you’ll put your TV. Then add your home technology to the plans and it is ready when you move in – and you’re wired for whatever new technology comes down the road.”

Ask your builder! QEI Security & Technology provides structured wiring options for DR Horton, Sabal Homes, Mungo Homes, Dan Ryan Homes and Saussy Burbank.

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