Smart Home? For Most Americans it is Smart-ish Home

According to a recent survey by Coldwell Banker and CNET, 1 in 4 U.S. adults have smart home products in their home. But, they haven’t yet committed to a full smart home.

“That is definitely what we’re seeing,” says Brian Pember, QEI manager. “Most of our customers with homes less than $500,000 choose to remotely control a couple devices, so we’d consider that a smart-ish home.”

It is simple to add a smart light, lock or thermostat to a wireless alarm system, which enables you to control those features using your phone, tablet or computer. With the app, which is what QEI Security & Technology customers use, it is also simple (and free!) to automate some of these features using Geo-Services.

“It makes sense that most customers are only automating a few devices,” Pember explains. “In a home less than 2,000 square-feet, things are compact and it may only be the front porch light or thermostat that they want to control remotely.”

According to the Coldwell Banker/CNET survey, the overwhelming majority say they would recommend smart home technology (91%) and that the products make their life easier (87%).


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