5 Reasons a Security System is Great for Pets

“I already have a security system – Fido will scare anyone away.”

We hear this all the time. But there is WAY more to a home security system than just preventing intruders. Here are five reasons a home security system is great for a home with pets:

1. Automatically calls 911 in case of a fire.

If you have a monitored security system with a smart smoke detector, the fire department is dispatched as soon as smoke is detected – whether you’re home or not – giving your pets the best chance of survival. Read more about how monitored smoke detectors save pets lives.

2. Get a text when smoke is detected.

A monitored smoke detector from QEI Security & Technology will send you a text as soon as smoke is detected so you can get home (or ask a neighbor) to check on your pet. Learn more about our TEQHoM INTERACTIVE app, which is free with all wireless security systems.

3. Keep an eye on your pets.

With a wireless security system and HD camera, you can watch or save video right from your smartphone, tablet or computer, so you can check on your pet no matter where you are.

4. Know when the pet sitter comes and goes.

Using your free app, get notifications every time a door opens or closes and when the alarm is turned on or off. That way you know exactly when your sitter walked the dog or fed the cat.

5. Monitor your gate.

Do you have a four-legged escape artist? Put a door contact on your gate, then program your app so you know as soon as the gate opens.

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