5 Things to Know From #CEDIA15

The Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) hosts an annual expo which is one of the largest home technology events in the nation. QEI Security & Technology sent a team to check out the latest products and trends so we can bring them to your home.

Here are five takeaways from the CEDIA Expo (the epicenter of the future home experience):

1. Biometrics are all the rage.

Invixium finger print scanners with Control4 integration are debuting. That means biometrics are now much more widely available… and you should expect to see more biometrics applications.

By the way, we’re a Control4 Authorized Gold Dealer.

2. 5G wireless, LED wristbands and ambient telepresence are coming.

CEDIA Keynote Speaker Michael Rogers, a famed futurist, predicted all of the above by the 2020s. He predicts the smart home will not only recognize you and your family, but also your moods. And 5G wireless will be accompanied by 1GB per second, with 1 millisecond of delay and seamless handoff.

3. Builders and buyers want smart home technology.

TecHome Builder released the results of two surveys: TecHome Builder Market Pulse and the Connected Home Buyer Survey. Among the interesting results: by 2017, 76% of homes will have a smart thermostat and 77% will have a security system. Stay tuned for more stats.

4. Products we can install now in your home.

Many of the brands that you’re used to see us using unveiled new items. From SONOS’ Play:5 to Control4’s “Mocupancy,” there are many new features that we’re excited to bring you. Read more.

5. What you need to know according to CEPro.

CEPro Editor Bob Archer shares the most interesting products at CEDIA 2015. He says, “No single product created more buzz on the CEDIA show floor than Sony’s new laser 4K projector with HDR capabilities.” Read more.

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