4 Ways to Make Your Security System Work for You

Text notifications can help you save time and energy, plus they’re free on all QEI Security & Technology wireless security systems, thanks to our partnership with Alarm.com.

The notifications are fully customizable and can automatically text you when a door is opened or closed, the alarm system is turned on or off and more.

If you have smart home features like programmable thermostats, lights and locks, you have even more capabilities. And with the Apple Watch app, you can actually take action (like close your garage door) right from the notification.

Using only the most basic notifications, these are four of our favorite ways to use security system notifications:

1. Know when your kids get home.

You can receive a notification every time a door opens or closes. Plus, if you have either an interior or exterior HD security camera, you can automatically receive a picture or video when the door opens so you know who is coming in.

2. Keep energy bills in check.

QEI Sales/Estimator Brian Pember takes it one step further. He receives a notification if a door has been open for more than two minutes.

“I don’t like air conditioning the patio,“ Pember says. “My wife lets the cat out and she sometimes forgets to close the door once he comes back in. We both get an alert so one of us can shut the door. We’ve seen our energy bill go down since I set up this notification.”

3. Keep tabs on the pet sitter.

When you go out of town and give someone a key to check on your home or pets, you’re just trusting that they do it. But, with text notifications, you can be sure.

“I talked with a customer who received a notification every time the door opened and they realized that their pet sitter wasn’t coming when she said she did,” explains QEI Technician Eric Fill. “She was coming every 12-15 hours and telling them she came multiple times a day.”

4. Know your home is secure.

It’s pretty easy to forget to arm the security system or leave the garage door open when you’re in a hurry.

Using Geo-Services (free with a wireless QEI security system) you can set a geo-fence, so that when you cross the fence, you get a notification if your burglar alarm isn’t armed… or if you’ve left a door open.

Geo-Services uses your smartphone’s location to launch programmed actions while you’re out, ranging from a simple notification to a real action such as adjusting your thermostat.

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