3 Ways a Security System Can Save You Money

Home security systems don’t just protect your family and home – they can also save you money.

1. Discount on homeowner’s insurance

Insurance companies know a monitored security system adds an extra layer of protection and reduces the chance of a burglary or costly fire or water damage. That’s why nearly all homeowner’s insurance companies offer a discount. Most discounts are 15-20 percent, which can probably cover your monthly monitoring costs.

2. Reduce energy bills

Our TEQHoM INTERACTIVE app allows you to control your locks, lights, thermostats and alarm system remotely. Did you leave the house and forget to turn off a light? No problem!

Use the app to decrease the temperature on your thermostat when you get to work, and change it back right before you head home. The EPA says a programmable thermostat can save you up to $180/year in energy costs.

3. Tax deductions

Do you have a home office? If the answer is yes, you can deduct the cost of your home security system from your taxes. Read more in Fox Business. The article says, “The operating expenses of a total home security system are deductible on a percentage basis, and the initial cost to purchase and install the system can be incorporated into the depreciation calculation.”

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