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Security FAQ1 - FAQsBelow are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about home security and our TEQHoM INTERACTIVE system. Have a question that’s not on the list? Ask us!

Q: How do I login to remotely arm/disarm my system?
A: Click here to login to our TEQHoM INTERACTIVE system, which will allow you to remotely control your security system, locks, lights, doors and thermostats (if they are connected to the system).

Q. What is the cost of a security system?
A: QEI Security & Technology offers free basic equipment and installation. Monthly monitoring costs start $39.99 per month and include a service warranty for the term of your contract. A QEI Security & Technology technician with at least 10 years experience will come to your home for a free consultation and make recommendations based on the layout of your home and what you expect from a system.

Q. What does a home alarm system consist of?
A: Our Basic Interactive Security System includes a touch screen control panel, three window/door sensors, a key fob and a pet-friendly motion detector. See these additional options that you can add.

Q: I want to eliminate my telephone landline. Can my security system work without a landline?
A: Absolutely! And we recommend using a wireless security system. Typically you will save money by canceling your landline and using wireless security. In many cases, we will provide current customers with new equipment at no cost.

Q. Can I operate my alarm and stay inside my home?
A: Yes! Your security system has a separate setting for “at home” or “away” operation.

Q. Can I set my alarm with a pet left inside?
A: Yes! QEI Security offers a choice in motion detectors that work with your pet! Read why monitored security is a lifesaver for pets.

Q. Why did the security company call me to report “system inactivity”?
A: If your system is dormant, e.g. not being armed or disarmed regularly, our monitoring center sends the system an inactivity signal to ensure the system is still properly working. You are still being protected. This usually occurs if you are away on vacation,

Q: My alarm went off accidentally, but I quickly put in the code and shut it off. I expected a call from QEI Security & Technology, but no one called. Why not?
A: The system allows a brief period for you to turn off your system before an alarm signal is sent to the monitoring center. This gives you enough time to cancel the signal and prevent a false alarm.

Q. Why did my smoke detector falsely go off?
A: Below is a list of common causes of false fire alarms. Using our two-way voice system, a dispatcher from our monitoring center will call you before sending emergency responders to your home.

Common causes of smoke detector false alarms:

  • smoke from burned food on the stove
  • smoke from a woodstove or fireplace
  • steam from a shower or cooking
  • self cleaning oven
  • exhaust from a car (door from garage to house open)
  • smoke or dust caused by construction work in the home
  • detectors that are not maintained – they are dirty or have insects or pollen in them
  • electrical malfunction or component failure with the system
  • electrical power surges from power company

Q. Why does my system show low battery trouble?
A: The system backup battery is low and the batter will need to be replaced. Batteries cost as little as $10 and you can call a QEI Security & Technology technician to replace it – free of charge with your service warranty. Th battery provides power to the alarm system in the event of a power outage.

Q. Does the alarm work when power is out?
A: Yes! If your security system is tied to a landline, it has a “standby battery” that will operate during a power failure. If your system is wireless (which is what QEI Security & Technology experts recommend), your system will continue to work in the event of a power outage or if your phone line is cut.

Q. Will I get a discount on my homeowners insurance when I purchase a security system?
A: Yes! Most insurance companies will discount your insurance rates up to 20 percent. When your system is installed, your technician will give you an insurance certificate that you can send to your insurance company.

Q: What happens if I accidentally trigger my alarm system?
A: Simply use your alarm code to silence the alarm and then call Security Central Monitoring Center with your passcard number to cancel the response of the responding agency.

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