Commercial Security

Protect your business.

We understand protecting your business can be just as important as protecting your home. QEI Security & Technology puts the same personal care and protection into your business as we do your home, with features like:

Access Control

QEI Security & Technology provides customized solutions to grant entry to personnel, safeguard the security of property and monitor the facility. Our access control systems include auditing and tracking procedures that reduce basic costs such as re-keying lock sets or guard services, while providing a higher and more accountable level of protection. We offer a wide variety of card access protocols in order to best suit your business. Other benefits include utility control and employee or asset monitoring.

Video Surveillance

QEI Security & Technology provides advanced video systems to help deter theft, intrusion and vandalism, limit premise liability and capture valuable information about your business.

Whether you are installing a new video surveillance system, refitting or upgrading an existing system, combining systems, or even integrating web and mobile video, QEI Security & Technology brings video solutions into focus to meet virtually any security challenge. From closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems, to IP networked options, we offer everything needed to make the most of your video surveillance solutions and more.