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A security system is the foundation of a smart home. It is now very affordable to add options like a security camera and lighting control to your security system. There is an additional cost for any equipment beyond the equipment included in the basic interactive system.

Every QEI Security & Technology security system includes:


Touchscreen Control Panel

Easy to use, plus arm/disarm your security system from anywhere with TEQHoM INTERACTIVE. Customize notification settings, receive alerts and view recent system activity.


Door/Window Sensors

Door/window sensors create an electrical connection that sends a signal to your alarm panel if doors or windows are opened by just an inch. If your system is unarmed, you will hear a chime. QEI Security & Technology includes three door/window sensors with every security system.


Key Fob

The keychain remote can arm and disarm your system from up to 100 feet. QEI Security & Technology includes a free key fob with every security system.


Pet-Friendly Motion Detector

This motion sensor allows pets to move around your home without triggering your alarm. QEI Security & Technology includes a pet-friendly motion detector OR glass break with every security system.

The equipment below can be purchased and added to any QEI Security & Technology security system or control system

Life Safety

These products can be added without increasing your monthly monitoring rate.


Carbon Monoxide Detector

If the detector registers high carbon monoxide levels, the alarm will sound and monitoring center will be notified. Detectors as part of a monitored security system are HIGHLY recommended for homes with pets.


Smoke and Heat Detector

Smoke and heat detectors that are connected to a monitored security system will sound an alarm and notify the monitoring center if smoke or fire is detected. This option works if the system is armed or disarmed. Fire detectors as part of a monitored security system are HIGHLY recommended for homes with pets. Learn more about monitored smoke detectors.


Medical Pendant

When the medical pendant button is pressed, the alarm is triggered and the monitoring center is notified.

Video Cameras

Up to four video camera products can be added for an additional $10/mo.

IndoorCamera 150

Interior HD Cameras

An interior HD security camera can record or save video with the option to view live using the TEQHoM INTERACTIVE app from a smartphone, tablet or computer. Interior cameras are about half the cost of exterior cameras. Learn more about security cameras.

Outdoor Camera 150

Exterior HD Cameras

HD security cameras record or save video with the option to view live using the TEQHoM INTERACTIVE app from a smartphone, tablet or computer. Add multiple cameras to create security camera systems.

Image Sensor 150
Image Sensor

The image sensor is a motion detector and camera in one. When motion is detected, the camera will snap two successive photos and send them to your smartphone or tablet if you choose. Learn more about the image sensor.

Doorbell Camera150

Doorbell Camera

The doorbell camera includes a motion detector and HD video camera. The camera can be triggered by an event (door opening) or by motion. Receive a notification on your smartphone with video, plus the ability to talk with the person on the porch. This device can also be used to trigger automated lights and door locks. Learn more about the doorbell camera.

Smart Home

Add as many smart home products as you’d like for an additional $10/mo.


Programmable Door Lock

A programmable lock connected to a QEI Security & Technology system can be remotely controlled using the same app as your security system, plus it can trigger all other smart home devices that are part of the system. Learn more about programmable door locks.


Appliance Control

The appliance module can be connected to small appliances like coffee pots or crock pots and controlled remotely with the TEQHoM INTERACTIVE app.


Programmable Garage Door Opener

Have you ever left your neighborhood and wondered if you left the garage door open? Not anymore! Get a text when you’ve left and forgotten to close it, then use the TEQHoM INTERACTIVE app on your smartphone to close the door.


Lamp Control

A lamp module enables you to remotely control a lamp from the TEQHoM INTERACTIVE app on your smartphone. Set the lamp to turn on/off at a certain time or use the “random” setting to make it look like you’re home, even if you are not. Learn more.



Control any lights in your home remotely using TEQHoM INTERACTIVE. Wouldn’t it be great if your porch lights automatically turned on at 7 p.m. and off at 7 a.m.? Learn more about lighting control options.



A programmable thermostat can be connected to your TEQHoM INTERACTIVE system to control your heating and cooling from anywhere using a smart phone, tablet or computer. This is a great energy (and money) saver! Learn more about climate control.

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