top smart home trends 2016

Top Smart Home Trends for 2016

Here’s a look at QEI Security & Technology’s list of top smart home trends for 2016 based on research by Internet of Things (IoT) research firm Parks and Associates.

1. Smart home devices must be connected.

In the past, devices have largely been designed in silos – meaning your Brand X thermostat isn’t compatible with your Brand Y door lock. You have to download separate apps to control each one.

QEI Security & Technology is already ahead of the game with one app that can control your security system, door locks, smart thermostat, security cameras, lighting control, garage door openers and more. Watch a video explaining.

2. More, more more.

There were more smart home devices than ever before at CES 2016, which is a good indicator for trends in the coming year. Everything from smart air filters to smart beds were unveiled.

QEI Security & Technology can integrate many new devices that are connected through Z-wave technology. One of our favorite new products is the smart light bulb. Using Z-wave technology, it can be controlled through an app without having to change out multiple light switches in your home.

3. Need for speed.

Parks and Associates predicts the ultra high-speed home will be one of the top smart home trends of 2016. Homeowners are watching more streaming video than ever before and it is expected to continue to grow.

Ultra high speed broadband enables greater reliance on streaming for content and provides a platform for future evolution of the uber-connected home.

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